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Darryl Puah is a commercial & portrait photographer based in Malaysia. He specializes in capturing portraits of individuals, couples, and families using both natural light and vibrant artificial light. He has a keen eye for detail and works to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during his photoshoots, which helps to bring out the natural emotions and personalities of his subjects.

Darryl’s photography style is often described as colorful, intimate, and emotional. He uses his photography to tell stories and capture moments that reflect the unique character and beauty of his subjects. He has a strong presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, where he shares his work and interacts with his followers.

Darryl Puah is Master of Light for Rotolight and has been featured in various publications and websites. He is a popular choice for clients looking for portrait photography in Malaysia, and his work has received praise for its quality, creativity, and emotional impact.